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Defensive Products - curiosities

Self  Defense Products

Basic kinds of defensive products we offer:

  • foiled spray
  • electrical paralusers
  • Expandable baton
  • Bonds, batons, tonfas, etc.

Defensive products and their usage against the person does not result in death, hard injury or permanent injury. A mistaken or accidental usage does not result in tragic consequences for any of active participants. An ownership of defensive products is not limited by any law in our country. There is an opportunity to buy these products since you are 18 years old.

Defensive products and their advantages

  • an overall dimension (small), a weight (low), their carrying is not limited (in the pocket or purse)
  • defensive products and their control as well as the system of use is more simple than a longterm self defense practice
  •  Since a defensive product is removed in the attack by your attacker, thanks to that fact an assault of your person is reduced

Defensive products and their disadvantages

  • a short range of hamstrings, max. 3 m
  • a lower effect than with deadly weapons, especially against extremely strong and immune individuals or intoxicated individuals

Some of the disadvantages listed above is possible to suppress by finding an appropriate policy and keeping of key preventive principles. Defensive products and their selection- personal particularities as well as individual dispositions of a user can decide about the selection. As far as your choice of a defensive product is completed, you have to count with the fact that the usage of any of the defensive products by itself is not able to work as a complete defense. A very important point of the increasing of your safety in the streets is a strategy of defensive products’ usage in a critical situation listed above. It means an optimal use of the main advantages and the way of usage which is able to eliminate the most of the possible disadvantages.

Defensive products - foiled spray

Defensive products- defensive sprays are used by police and security organizations all over the world and belong to the most popular self defensive products. One of their advantages is an acceptable price and weight since they are carried permanently. It is possible to carry them all the time everywhere. Their size depends on a capacity of the charge required which influences the intensity of the blast and the number of repeat beside the usage in the real situation. They come in sizes from 15 ml to 45 ml; max. 63 ml. They range from purse size which is sufficient (although it is better to own a bigger one for your safety). As far as the usage is harsh, it would be safer to buy a new one. Defensive products and their expiration date is determined by a producer (2-3 years according to the type). Then it is advisable to buy a new product because of a loosing an efficiency of a chemical charge as well as a mechanical gasket of a valve.

The charge consists of a hamstringed component which causes stun of a sight, mucous and breathing. In these days the most popular is an extract from cayenne pepper (a kind of red pepper), marked as an OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray which has a strong impact on every individual. It causes uncontrolled burning pain in the eyes, mucous and shortness of breathe after the snuff. The individual is out of action for several minutes (max. cca 30 min.). The defensive product- OC spray comes in to main types which differ from each other in the kind of blast.
Type „OC“ (Nato-American, Anti Dog, Ko-Pepper)

Type “OC” is a standard type of the product. A wider view without the necessity to direct, thanks to the wider scattering of the nozzle, is the best advantage of this product. On the contrary the striking of the user or other individuals in an extreme case belongs among the main disadvantages, e.g. the use against the wind, in the closing vessel, means of transport, etc. A recommended strategy when using the “OC” spray is an escape while spraying to all directions behind you. The attacker is getting into the contaminated space once he wants to chase or attack you.

Type “tekuta strela” deletes disadvantages listed above. There is not so high chance of striking against the wind and it is possible to use this spray in the room. Once you push the nozzle, the long and wide blast of the liquid is sprayed directly on the attacker. The length of the blast (according to the size of the spray is about 2-4m) helps to keep an appropriate place. But it is essential to spot properly on the head of the attacker and this is connected with a bigger courage, to stay directly against your attacker.

Self Defensive products - an effective usage

Defensive products - a spray deep saved in the purse or bag will not definitely help you in a dangerous situation
As far as you are supposed to get into the dangerous situation or environment, get ready and grab the spray by your hand settled in the pocket or hided behind the back (do not let the spray in your hand to be seen) A power of the effect is in the surprising usage, do not threaten anybody with the spray in your hand (otherwise the attacker could cover the eyes and attack you) and if possible try to wait for the best moment (e.g. to fake an escape, turn out immediately and spray a blast into the face of the attacker). After the elimination of the attacker do not wait until he is firmed but run away and consequently it is advisable to call police to that place. Defensive products- “OC” sprays can also help in the confrontation with a dangerous dog or other animals. Because of their perfect smell, the confrontation with the burning element is a disaster for them.


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I would like to know the full specs of CZ 200S PCP rifle, when i compare with CZ 200 FS it says it is single shot, when I try to buy it, your site says I should buy a 10 round magazine. How many bar is the air supply? is it regulated? ty.I Tried to call had sound problem.


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