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Police stop board

A car is rushing at night across the city. A driver sits up quickly. Suddenly a strong luminous red light appears. It’s a road police…A policeman comes round a car and watches carefully inside the car by using a light. He can see a face as well as hands of a driver in a spotlight and as follows he can check his papers. Pictures, personal details…Everything is all right. Furthermore police is interested in the obligatory property of the car. A light is able to enlighten interior of the opened trunk. Triangle, reserve, medicine chest…The last thing to do – to verify a certificate of roadworthiness. A policeman enlightenes a label which seems to be all right as well. And now he has to verify codes – VIN is all right. That’s all. Thank you and good luck! A car is leaving along a dark street and a luminous light is being turned off.

Risk objective

A story described above is common for a lot of drivers. These routine duties are often done by members of road police or scouts. This activity is usually done during the evenings or nights so it means that light conditions are limited. These activities might be a bit dangerous sometimes. Policemen can be endangered by transport risks, careless or even drunk drivers or attacked by accidentally stopped people who are currently being serached by police – perpetrators for criminal acts. To protect and defense oneself during such a night activities means – see and to be seen. It means to be visible as a barrier on the road and to have a chance to reveal a possible threat. It maybe seems very simple and easy but in the real situation it is not like that. Night arrestment of cars is kind of a specific activity. Realizing this kind of checkout without any problems can depend on appropriate set and equipment, except of following the instructions. And that is what this article is about. We can begin by an arrestment of a car. By reason of a prevention against accidental tragical crash it is obligatory to wear police reflex vest. Afterwards an arrestment is done in cooperate with using a red light. Usually there is a need of an appropriate light source especially for all checkout duties as well as protection oneself against an unexpected attack. And there can be a problem now in an absence of an appropriate product because actual products become to be inapplicable.

Set for life

A common police flat battery which is given to every new member is really not an appropriate product for the 3rd milennium (some of the policemen remark ironiccally that the title MAY DAY is not a real help call.). No occasion to wonder- the oldest of policemen were given this battery a lot of years ago. If this battery still works, the flexuous light is not suitable for the present time anymore. The papers and evidence as well as faces are not visible enough thanks to a slight discharge of a bulb and the red light is used for an arrestment in the foggy, rainy or windy weather. There’s just a minimal resistance against negative effects so water or impatcs. Consequently a rainstorm means necessary interuption of an activity. Holding time of batteries is very low and it means that cold and frost is able to destroy the capacity during the winter time. The other part of the set- an old halt dartboard has similar characteristic. After the policeman stops a car, this dartboard becomes completely useless and he has to think about where to put this thing. The hands have to be free – because of handling the papers or making a breath checking. Even because of defensing oneself or intervening against a threat in the extreme situations. Sometimes a job of policemen can be so dangerous that it is necessary to use anctions or guns. So the life of policemen depends on their accessories and equipment so it is not possible to use such an old equipment anymore.

NIGHT Police Set

The solution of this situation has been found, it is an interesting product which was introduced not long ago and has met with a favourable reaction. We are speaking about night police set which has been created in cooperation with security guards’ experts for all policemen and their common working activities. This kind of equipment has to be practical and multifunctional, store, light and resistant. This perspective system was tested by security experts as well as policemen. It consists of these parts: high luminous LED diode battery, signal extension and a belt case. Battery consists of 14 diodes that have a high light explosure and a high holding time of a fill which is represented by 3 mikrobatteries and it menas a cheap and available fill. Battery is a little sensitive againts a strong usage and waterproof. A rubber surface means that it is possible to grasp it by a wet or steamy hand. A rubber switch enables safe and effective handling. A signal red extension can be easily loaded on the front part of the battery. When a policeman wants to stop an object, a column is clearly lighted and visible. The battery can be used for common working activities with this column thanks to a front hole. When the battery is plugged in backwards, a plast extension is able to create a protective cover for the battery – and this pattern is plugged into the transport case. This nylon carrier has an elastic metal clip thanks to which it can be easily and quickly attached to the belt. The tests showed that it is fixed for a long time. The battery is made of dural, it is impact resistant, has a polykarbon front glass and is wet resistant.

Not just to stop somebody/a car

This new kind of battery needn’t to be used just to stop a car. Its behaviour is essential with other police activities. It can be a very helpful product in risk situations. An usage of this strong light is really wide during the activities in reduced light conditions – checking of suspects, investigating activities, entering a risky areas, etc. It can be used anytime not just during the night as it was supposed. You can be in the situation with a bad visibility anytime. This kind of battery is really helpful – in such a risky profession as a profession of policemen is. So we are speaking about a waterproof dural 14 LED diode together with a red- transparent column. A battery without a column provides with an intense wide column of a white light.

What is the difference between other similar foreign products and this one? It is evident thanks to its means of storage. A battery of a length 10cm and diameter 3cm can be stored to the red column extension of an appropriate length, while this attached column does not occupy other place. A set- battery+column is possible to store into the nylon case which has a clip. The battery has a switch at the back of the cover, it is possible to carry it in a “cigarette way”. Handling part of the battery has a non skid rubber grip. A front glass of the battery is made of an impact resistant polykarbon material.

An attached culumn is made of a plastic of red colour and has a copmact plastic issues on the sides and a front hole for an opportunity to have a light also with a loaded column. A column can be used as a reinforcement of a nylon case as well. When a battery as well as a column are stored in the case, the set has a height of 13 cm, depth 5 cm. So it means it does not occupy a place on the belt like a reserve accumulator. A battery is tapped by alcalic batteries type AAA which are inserted into the special discharging adapter inside the battery. The battery with a loaded red column is used to stop cars in a safe way during transport- security activities because it is able to light in a clear red colour.

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