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  •     Spray lamp or „ To protect oneself means to see everything around.“
  •     Darkness- a big enemy
  •     Defense sprays – ingenious help
  •     Defense sprays- enlightened aggressor
  •     Defense sprays- for law services
  •     An unexpected success
  •     Defense spray - Tornado
  •     Defense spray - Hurricane Flashlight

Spray lamp or „ To protect oneself means to see everything around.“

Defense sprays – tear sprays belong to the safest defensive products. They have a lot of advantages. Small parameters, small weight and easy usage as well as effective and nice price acording to the other products. These are the most important reasons why we can find them in bags of women who usually return home later in the evenings, as well as on the belts of security services‘ members and state armed services. It seems like there is nothing to improve in the world of tear sprays. But the truth is that at the present time a new type is coming! A new product with an interesting property – „ spray lamp“. It is a kind of product which is able to act as a perfect defensive product for regularly daily usage.

Darkness- a big enemy

There are also some people who are attacking tear sprays. But due to different situations for sure it is better to own one. Defensive sprays when used correctly can mostly help you. Sure there is no guarantee for complete defeat of an attacker but there is a real chance to stop his attack and consequently run away of his impact. Furthermore the level of a paralysing effect is still getting better due to the development of new types of components and some of the last, really convincing tests show that modern types of these products are able to protect you against drunkards and drug addict people. The problem of a real defence can consist in something else. Except of a prevention, preparation of a spray and an appropriate usage there is a real problem concerning identification of a threat at all. Due to the statistics the most of self defensive situations takes place in the darkness or during the night. People are a bit afraid of darkness of course. Sometimes there is a real reason to be afraid. Darkness is a disadvantage for a defender especially during his self defense. An attacker preparing in a dawn has an advantage to come near his victim. It is of course evident. If I do not know a threat or I cannot see an attacker, I have just a small chance to defense myself. So what to do? To keep a defensive spray in one hand and a light in another one? It would not be practical not to have one hand free. Furthermore in this kind of stressfull situation it would be really difficult to coordinate a light with a correct direction of spraying.

Defense sprays- ingenious help

At the end of the last year a new product has appeared and commanded attention immediately. We are speaking about a“spray lamp” which belongs to the category of defense sprays. Classic defensive sprays were completed with a light represented by an ultra luminous white diode LED. Modernization of light semiconductors thanks to modern ultra luminous diodes was improved so it enables to integrate extra powerful battery directly to the spray without enlarging its parameters. Furthermore the price of these defensive sprays was not increased as well. Thanks to the inovation of defensive sprays the level of defensive products was rapidly increased as well. A new unique category of a defensive system was established and at the present time is able to become a leader among self defensive and emergency police products. At the beginning there was a great idea which has continued by a difficult development as well as checking of products. Prototyps were intensively tested during two years and consequently annotated by prestigious experts as well as future final users, for example by the experienced policemen. Finally two different methods of switching on were agreed and these are: by using a thumb moving up a top mantle or using a force of forefinger against a surface of a case.

Defense sprays- enlightened aggressor

Advantages of this simple and interesting solution are really clear. This means no light in one hand and no defensive product in the other hand. Everything is solved by one touch. The other hand is free so it can be used for other activities during a self-defense – finding a hiding place, grab, beat and so on. Furthermore manipulation of a light switch as well as a button of spray is trouble free. After a hard light is switched on it is possible to see obvious source of a danger and react immediately. Then there is a chance to decide correctly- it means identification of an attack as well as timing of a product use. Hereby a quick defensive reaction is lightened and at the same time an opportunity of a mistaken use is limited (for ex. in the course of feeling of a suspicious movement in a dark street). To spotlight someone is not a tragedy but to spray to eyes uselessly by a defensive spray can be really disagreeable.
After enlightening a person by this new product it is possible to identify a face, to remark first signs of an attack or to see a gun in the hand. An opportunity of subconscious spot of an aim by a light is a great advantage. A principle is simple- when an attacker is enlightened apparently it is possible to get him. Distance of a shine is directly proportional to the reach of this product – defense spray and it is therefore possible to imagine the scale of a splash (e.g. liquid shot – to 5m). Connection of a product with a light avoids false grab of the product which may become a fatal fail. By using a light we can avoid to some other mistakes – aim a spray and spray to own face under the stress is out of the question. Dazzling of an attacker is another advantage. We can confirm according to our own experience that enlightening by an ultra luminous diode is really misorientating and people’s capacities are limited in a a following darkness. New defensive sprays provide a bigger chance to a victim as well as create a tactical advantage for him in the darkness.


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