Compensator for CZ 858/SA-58




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Compensator for CZ 858/SA-58

Compensator for CZ 858/SA-58.
Manufacturer: Czech Small Arms
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Total length:65x21 mm
Weight:115 g
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Gun’ upstroke compensation through significant reduction of gun’ movement caused by the fire positively influences expectancy of hit by the repeated shots or firing of short doses. Our construction combined gun’ upstroke compensation with muzzle’s brake which reduces recoil. Firing fumes are vented first with six holes in the upper third of the cylindrical body with a diameter of 5mm (three on each side). The hole with a diameter of 8mm on each side removes fumes which with pressure act on muzzle’s brake body in a direct of the shot and thereby recoil is stopped. Installation is very easy thanks to standard twist on the barrel’ muzzle SA version 58 (CZH 2003 Sport/Hermex and CZ 858 Tactical) and lock pin.

The muzzle’ brake is suitable for all purposes of use Sa version 58. This product is successfully exported in Czech, German and Canada. In this time Prison and Court Guard of the Ministry of Interior uses this muzzle’ brake.

Package content

  • Compensator for CZ 858/SA-58

Technical parameters

  • Weight: 115 g
  • Dimensions: 65x21mm

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