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Collimator Norconia R 201 L

Collimator Norconia R 201 L for dovetail 11mm.
Manufacturer: Norconia
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This product has three important features compared to conventional sniperscopes:

  • Unlimited viewing angle of the eye,
  • Adjustable intensity of the aiming mark which has clear and shiny red-green colour,
  • Working with both eyes simultaneously.

The right moment for the shot is when the red-green point shown on the lens overlaps with the target. For the target to be hit properly it is not important whether the aiming red-green point is in the center or at the edge of the lens. This collimator is very variable as for the sport or for hunting shooting, even at the time of sunset. Assembly part is an integrated part of the collimator for gripping the gun dimension of 9 - 16 mm, finished in matte.
There is a switch on the right side of the collimator lens with positions numbered 0, I, II. If you do not want to use the collimator, leave the switch in position 0. Position I is for a red colour and position II is for a bright red point.

Battery type: CR 2032, 3V
For dovetail 11mm.

Package content

  • Collimátor Norconia R 201 L

Technical parameters

  • Battery type: CR 2032, 3V 
    To dovetail 11mm.

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Bohumil Stránský

Dobrý den.mám dotaz ,jestli má tento kolimátor stranové a výškové nastavení,v návodu jsem se to nedočetl.Děkuji za odpověď. Stránský Bohumil


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